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 I’m Steven Thompson and I’d like to welcome you to Pets Arcadia and Aquatics. The business started in 1937 when my Grandparents, Andy and Kath borrowed Five Pounds and opened a store in Dover, Kent to start selling Pets and Livestock products.

The business was a success and in 1938 Andy and Kath moved to a larger shop on Dover High Street.

The shop attracted customers from all walks of life including the playwright and actor Noel Coward who used to drive over from his house in nearby St Margaret’s to buy food for his birds! Through hard work and determination, Andy and Kath managed to keep their business afloat during the Second World War when everything, including animal food, was rationed. In 1960 they passed the pet shop on to my parents, Ken and June. Not people to sit around doing nothing, Andy and Kath opened a new shop selling kitchen utensils right next door.  They continued to serve the people of Dover until their retirement.

In 1994 when my parents decided it was time for them to retire, it was my turn to take over the running of the business. Twenty years later, it’s still very much a family concern; my wife, Sadhana helps with bookkeeping and my nine-year old son, Jack is already chomping at the bit to become a Saturday boy!

We’re always available to answer any questions you might have before you place your order; with more than 70 years in the business, we’re sure to have an answer. Happy shopping and welcome to the Pets Arcadia and Aquatics family!

Dover District Council (DDC) have given us The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Animal Activity Licence allowing us to Sell Animals as Pets until 13th Feb 2022

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