Cat toy laser

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  • Frolic Automated Laser Cat Toy


    Description The FroliCat ZIP is a laser toy that moves around on the ground, spinning and whirling in all directions to keep your cat moving. The ZIP will work its way out of corners and find its way out from underneath furniture. The toy automaticallyshuts-off after 10 minutes which conserves battery life. Key Features Automated…

  • Frolic Multi Laser Cat Toy


    Description Cats go wild for lasers! With the FroliCat Multi-Laser Toy, cats can chase after two lasers rotating in a 360 degree, random pattern. For convenience, the toy will turn off automatically after 15 minutes of play time. Key Features Twoexciting lasers Automatic Shut-Off Keeps cats active 2 year warranty Features For cats of any…

  • Good Girl Laser Mouse Cat Toy


    Entices cats to play, paw and pounce Encourages natural and wild instincts

  • KONG Cat Laser Pointer


    The Laser toy helps facilitate interactive play sessions and provides endless fun. Point the laser at the floor or wall and let your cat chase and attempt to capture its elusive prey. Irresistible moving light sparks natural hunting instincts Igniteschasing and pouncing for interactive fun Encourages active play sessions Replaceable battery for continued enjoyment Convenient…

  • Sharples Laser Feather Teaser Wand


    Laser and Feather Teaser wand is twice the fun on regular wands. It’s a laser pointer and teaser wand in one. Tempt your cat with the feathery teaser toy, then surprise him with the laser light and watch him go. Laser light appeals to your cat’s naturalinstincts to hunt, chase and catch. Feathery toy mimics…