Dog grooming

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  • Abbfabb 6″ 40 Teeth Blender


    Right Handed stainless steel 6″ blending scissor with 40 teeth. Medium weight and suitable for a variety of grooming tasks. Well balanced with offset handles making this scissor extremely comfortable.

  • Abbfabb Finishing Shear 8.5″


    Top of the range shear, designed and made in Germany from high quality stainless steel,and used by Eve Somers for everyday salon grooming and competition work. Personally endorsed by Kerry Blue exhibitor Don Munro. Robustly made for removal of coat bulk,yet lightweight and comfortable enough for shaping and finishing. Especially effective on poodles, Cockapoos, labradoodles…

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    Abbfabb Left Handed Blend Scissor 40t


    Premium British designed left handed dog grooming blender made in 440c Japanese steel. Stylish and lightweight with offset handles offering maximum comfort.Super smooth action thanks to the ball bearing inside the purple Teflon screw, and very quiet whenin use.

  • Abbfabb Left Handed Slimline Scissor


    Attractive and versatile slimline shaping and finishing left handed scissor Superb balance, with offset handles to give maximum comfort.

  • AbbFabb Left handing Blending Scissor 30tooth


    Abbfabb Grooming Scissors are so excited to be welcoming this beautifully designed, left handed blending scissor. Made from 440c steel, this scissor is a fabulous all-round thinner/blending scissor.Classical and lightweight by design, this scissor isextremely comfortable to use for left handed groomers and is a must-have everyday scissor.

  • Ancol Ergo Bristle Brush


    The Ancol Ergo Bristle Brush is a gentle grooming tool for all coat types. Ideal for small dogs, puppies and cats, the brush will smooth your pet’s coat and removes loose hairs. The brush has soft bristles, making it ideal for pets that are nervous aboutbeing groomed and perfect for grooming sensitive spots such as…

  • Ancol Ergo Dog Tick Tool


    The Ancol Ergo Tick Tool helps you to remove ticks from your dog’s skin safely, by detaching ticks gently to ensure the whole tick is removed from the skin. To use the tick tool, locate a tick by lifting the fur. Place the tool against the dog’s skin andpull the tool back slowly and gently…

  • Ancol Ergo Double Sided Brush


    Then Ancol Ergo Double Sided Brush is a multi-purpose tool to simplify grooming. The pin side of the brush features stainless steel pins with rounded edges, to tease out tangles and removes loose hairs while being gentle on your pet’s skin. The bristleside can then be used to smooth the coat. Grooming your pet helps…

  • Ancol Ergo Double Sided Comb


    The Ancol Ergo Double Sided Comb is a pragmatic tool to detangle and smooth your pet’s coat. One side of the comb has wide teeth, to gently detangle wiry, long, silky and curly coats. The other side has finer teeth to smooth and neaten fur and removeloose hairs, suitable for shorter coats or longer coats…

  • Ancol Ergo Flea Comb


    Ergo combs have been moulded with the ergonomic handle for both comfort and effective use. The packaging allows the consumer to hold and feel the product before making a purchase and is designed to be informative with grooming tips on the reverse of thepacks.

  • Ancol Ergo Grooming Glove


    The Ancol Ergo Grooming Glove is a simple way of effectively removing large amounts of loose hair. When used on a dry coat, the material of the glove will pull away loose hair while massaging the dog’s skin. The glove can also be used on a wet coat, thethick rubber knobbles will massage in shampoo…

  • Ancol Ergo Hedgehog Slicker


    The Ancol Ergo Hedgehog Slicker is a clever grooming tool that does two jobs at once. The long plastic pins penetrate deep into the coat, gently detangling fur and removing loose hairs. The soft plastic pins have balled ends to ensure your dog is keptcomfortable while being groomed. The shorter bristles smooth the top coat,…