Dog grooming gloves

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  • Ancol Ergo Grooming Glove


    The Ancol Ergo Grooming Glove is a simple way of effectively removing large amounts of loose hair. When used on a dry coat, the material of the glove will pull away loose hair while massaging the dog’s skin. The glove can also be used on a wet coat, thethick rubber knobbles will massage in shampoo…

  • Groom Rub Down Mitts


    This pair of microfibre Groom drying Mitts are lightweight, super absorbent and fast drying. The microfibre material works quickly on a wet dog to pull the water away from your pets coat, helping keep your dog cosy and warm. Microfibre holds lots morewater than cotton so much quicker and easier to use than an old…

  • Mikki Cotton Groom Glove


    Cotton Glove – Easy to use – Makes the coat shine – Left or right handed – Long lasting and washable – One size fits all

  • Mikki Rubber Glove Mitt


    Rubber Glove for short/med coats Helps stimulate the skin and remove loose hair Leaves your pet with a healthy and shiny coat Easy to use for left or right handers

  • Mikki Smooth & Stroke Mitt


    Smooth & Stroke for short/med coats – Ideal for finishing glove for adding a high shine finish – Rubber pads for massage & cleansing of your pet’s skin – Easy to use for left or right handers

  • Wahl Pro Grooming Glove


    Groom and stroke your pet at the same time with the Grooming Glove. Flexible rubber bristles penetrate the coat for complete grooming and massaging. Ergonomic mitten style design with Velcro strap for ease of use.