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  • Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1


    Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 is an anti hairball remedy which combines 2 actions in 1 tube. Firstly it helps prevent the formation of hairballs. Secondly, it ensures that the hair flows smoothly through the cats intestines, thus preventing intestinalproblems. The dark brown stripe contains malt, and prevents the formation of hairballs in the…

  • Beaphar Rock Sulphur


    Beaphar Rock Sulphur is used as a seasonal addition to a dogs drinking water. A very traditional ex Sherley’s product, which many customers have sworn by for years.

  • Beaphar Stomach Calming Tablets


    Beaphar Stomach Calming Tablets are a nutritional supplement to help balance digestion in sensitive stomachs. A medicated treatment to balance digestion in sensitive stomachs. Contains magnesium trisilicate, a popular antacid in human use, along withcalcium carbonate and active charcoal, to calm stomachs or digestive imbalances. Contains sufficient tablets to treat a large dog for a…

  • Dog Rocks Igneous Rock – 100g


    Dog Rocks for Small Dogs For little dogs up to 7kgs, 100gms of Dog Rocks treats 1litre of water and will last for two months. We are pleased to introduce the newest addition to the Dog Rocks family – Dog Rocks for Small Dogs. We have listened to ourcustomers and found that our original rocks…

  • Dog Rocks Igneous Rock – 200g


    Dog Rocks are a 100% NATURAL product that is used to stop urine burning the grass when the dog pees. Simply place the contents of one pack in the dog’s water bowl to ensure no more burn patches. • Stop urine burn marks from ruining your grass andplants. • 100% Natural • Convenient • Repeat…

  • Dog Rocks Igneous Rock – 600g


    Dog Rocks Bulk Bags 600g of Dog Rocks – last 3 times as long as Dog Rocks single units A 100% natural and hassle-free solution to urine burn patches on your lawn and shrubs. Dog Rocks placed in your dog’s drinking water will begin to filter outimpurities such as tin, ammonia and nitrates. These impurities…

  • For All Dog Kind Digestion Soft Chew


    Designed to support everyday intestinal wellness our DIGESTION AID uses pre & probiotics to help keep your dog’s digestive tract and immune system healthy. For digestive health support With pre & probiotics Ideal for sensitive stomachs and flatulencecontrol Promotes normal stool quality Contains beneficial bacteria to support immunity

  • Hatchwell Rock Sulphur


    Suitable for all animals. A natural product that is added to pet’s drinking water in warm weather

  • Itch-Eeze Capsules for Dogs


    An improved formulation of Itch-Eeze for Dogs has been developed by the makers of Verm-X in the new form of a 100% pure encapsulated blend of the Itch-Eeze herbs.This exciting and powerful formulation has been created by removing potential triggers suchas brown rice, chicken fat and potato starch, resulting in a more effective allergen-free product….

  • Johnson’s Bitch Spray Aerosol


    Protects bitches in season by discouraging the unwanted attention of dogs. May be used in conjunction with Bitch & Deodorant tablets.

  • Johnson’s Diagel Cat


    Johnson’s have added to their popular range of Healthcare products, with the introduction of Diagel, an effective aid for two types of digestive disorders in dogs and cats, which helps to restore normal bowel movement. Diagel granules contain waterabsorbing nutritional fibres which on digestion, swell to form a soft gel, which works in two different…

  • Johnson’s Diagel Dog Very Small


    Following the very successful introduction of Diagel early in 2019, Johnson’s have introduced a new 3rd size for dogs, namely for very small breeds of dog from 3 – 6 kgs, which have become increasingly popular with pet owners. Diagel is an effectiveaid for 2 types of digestive disorders in dogs and cats, which helps…