Aquarium treatments

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  • Amonia Remover


    Ammonia Remover 125ml Ammonia is a lethal toxic waste product excreted by fish; bacteria in biological filters usually breakdown the toxic Ammonia into less harmful compounds. This process may occasionally break down and need help to chemically removethe ammonia. The only way to detect ammonia is by using a text kit, ammonia levels should always…

  • Anti Fungus & Finrot


    IP Treat Anti Fungus & Finrot 100ml Plus Finrot, Mouthrot/Mouth Fungus and Cotton Wool Disease are common diseases of aquarium fish. Anti Fungus and Finrot treats affected fish and prevents the disease spreading in your aquarium which could lead to fishdeath. Dosage: 1 ml of Anti Fungus & Finrot Plus treats 5L

  • Anti Hair Algae


    Anti Hair Algae 125ml Hair Algae, whether it is green, black or brown, is an unsightly nuisance in your aquarium. It will grow on any surface and prevent plants from flourishing. Anti Hair Algae makes key nutrients unavailable and starves the algae HairAlgae thrives when there is excess light and nutrients available. Dosage: 1ml of…

  • Anti Internal Bacteria


    Internal systematic bacterial infections are a common cause of death in aquarium fish, previously only treatable with vetinary prescribed anitbiotics. Anti Internal Bactera is a breakthrough non-prescription product, which halts the progress of bacterialproblems within your aquarium and prevents them spreading. Dosage: 1 ml of Anti Internal Bacteria Plus treats 10L Repeat treatment after 4…

  • Anti Parasite Slime and Velvet


    Anti Parasite Slime and Velvet + Fish often carry a small population of skin and gill parasites. When fish are stressed, this population will rapidly increase, endangering the fish’s life. Anti Parasite Slime and Velvet + will eradicate velvet, flukesand protozon parasites from your aquarium during the free swimming stage of their life cycle. Dosage:…

  • Anti White Spot


    IP Treat Anti White Spot 100ml Plus White Spot is a parasite infection, the white spot is a cyst in which the adult parasite develops Anti White Spot destroys the free-swimming stage of the white spot life cycle. As this is the only stage of the lifecycle affected by the treatment the product remains active…

  • Aqualibrium First Aid Salt Additive


    Aqualibrium First Aid Salt Additive 265g Aqualibrium First Aid Salt is a unique physiological salt formula which helps freshwater fish maintain a constant internal salt/fluid balance. This is particularly useful when fish are stressed or sick because thesalt/fluid balance inside the fish can be negatively effected threatening the fish’s welfare. Aqualibrium First Aid Salt Additive…

  • Aquarian Tap Water Safe


    Product summary: • Instantly makes tap water safe for fish • Suitable for both Tropical and Goldfish Product description: AQUARIAN Tap Water Safe instantly makes tap water safe for fish. The chlorine found in tap water isharmful to fish, damaging their delicate gills. Tap water conditioners should be used during tank set up and with…

  • Bioactive Tapsafe


    Bioactive Tapsafe Plus 125ml Bioactive Tapsafe plus neutralises chlorine and any heavy metals present in tap water as they are harmful to fish and damage delicate skin and gill membranes. Tapsafe instantly protects your fish in 5 ways: • NeutralisesChlorine • Breaks down Chloramine • Locks up toxic metals • Adds Aloe Vera which protects…

  • Disease Away


    Disease Away In every aquarium there are times of stress for the fish. This may be when completing a water change, adding a new fish, bad water quality or bullying among the community. Stress makes fish more susceptible to the disease causing organismspresent in every aquarium so Disease Away should be used to prevent a…

  • Fast Filter Start


    Fast Filter Start 50ml Fast Filter Start contains cultures of selected bacteria to rapidly start up the waste breakdown in your aquarium Fish health problems often occur in a new aquarium because filter bacteria takes several weeks to become establishedand cannot effectively break down the waste produced by fish plants and decaying food in the…

  • Fluval Aquaplus Water Conditioner


    Fluval Water Conditioner makes tapwater safe for tropical fish by neutralizing chlorine, chloramine and undesirable metals in aquarium water. Formulated with pure herbal extracts, it also visibly reduces stress in fish caused by transportation, handlingand acclimatisation. Fluval Water Conditioner also coats scales and fins to protect against scrapes and cuts. Applications: •Adding new water •Water…