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  • Ancol Ergo Lint Roller


    Keeping clothes and furniture fur free is made easy with the Ancol Ergo Lint Roller. Featuring 30 sticky sheets to quickly and effectively remove unwanted pet hairs.

  • Be:Fresh – Home & Kennel Spray


    Comforting & Cleaning Our natural prebiotic spray will prolong a healthy, clean environment for you and your pet. This versatile product eliminates odours, cleans, kills germs, and contains active ingredients that get to work again if re-soiling occurs.Directions – Spray liberally onto pet bedding, surfaces & surrounding areas (including directly onto textiles). Rub off if…

  • Be:Pure – Boot Room Candle


    Pet Odour Eliminating Our Be:Pure boot room candle removes pet odours and brings the fresh and calming smells of rose, lavender and camomile to your home. Ideal for your hallway, kennel or kitchen. This candle is formulated with enzymes which not onlycover up but actually remove unwanted household smells – whether it be from pets…

  • Beaphar Odour Neutralising Spray


    Beaphar Odour Neutralising Spray is an effective way of cleaning, grooming and deodorising your dog’s coat. The easy to use trigger spray acts quickly to biodegrade organic materials embedded in the fur leaving a soft and shiny coat. 100% non-toxic andhypo-allergenic the spray will not irritate sensitive eye and nose membranes.

  • Beaphar Spray Away Plus


    Beaphar Spray Away removes stains caused by dog and cat urine, faeces, vomit and blood, and the odours associated with them, biologically. It is safe to use on carpets, upholstery and pet bedding, but we recommend you try it in an inconspicuous placefirst to check colour-fastness. It is also effective on common household stains, such…

  • Beaphar Swiftie Puppy Trainer


    Beaphar Swiftie is a concentrated liquid that acts as an attractant when toilet training young pets. A few drops of Swiftie added to a Puppy Pad, litter tray, or sheet of newspaper will encourage your pet to use this for relieving themselves. The toiletarea can then be slowly moved over several days to a site…

  • Bob Martin Cat Meadow Litter Freshener


    Bob Martin Meadow Fresh Cat Litter 500g

  • Bob Martin Felight Litter Freshener


    Simply sprinkle Anti-bacterial Litter Freshener onto the litter in your cat’s litter tray to kill 99% of harmful bacteria and greatly reduce nasty odours.

  • Bob Martin Litter Freshener


    Bob Martin Spring Fresh Litter Freshner

  • Canac Cat Litter Deodoriser


    CANAC Cat Litter Deodoriser has been specially formulated to control unpleasant odours in the cat’s litter tray. Its herbal fresh fragrance keeps the area around the litter tray fresh and clean smelling and it is suitable for use on all types of catlitter.

  • Cascade Dog Cat Disinfect


    Kills viruses and bacteria in an easy to use trigger spray. For dogs’ and cats’ bedding, feeding bowls, toys and carpets etc. Safe for pets and children. Made in GB.

  • Cascade Odour Killer


    Kills viruses and bacteria for dealing with animal odours all around the house and car. Made in GB.