Pest control

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  • Green Project Crawling Insect Trap


    The Green Protect Crawling Insect Trap is an effective glueboard trap containing feeding attractants to monitor crawling insects in your home. • Product developed with entomologists • Attracts a wide range of crawling insects including: silverfish,cockroaches, woodlice and ants • Helps keep homes pest free without the use of insecticides • Each trap is effective…

  • Green Protect Fruit Fly Trap


    The Green Protect Fruit Fly Trap is an effective and innovative trap, which helps to monitor fruit fly infestation in your home. • Discreet apple shape, to be placed in or near fruit bowls • Fruit flies enter the trap and are captured in the liquid• User friendly • Effective for up to 4 weeks…

  • Green Protect Window Fly Trap


    The Green Protect Window Fly Trap catches flies without the use of insecticides. • Flies are attracted by the colours of the tape • Easy to position and replace • Each trap is effective for up to 6 weeks • Eco-friendly, insecticide free monitoringdevice • Packaging made from recyclable material • Contains 6 traps •…

  • Pest Stop Bed Bug Blitz Kit


    The kit contains: Spray Fumer Powder Helps with both protection and prevention against bed bugs The product is packaged in a gloss finished box that can stand up alone when on a retail shelf The bed bug blitz kit is the ultimate tool to provide instantprotection for your home and treating the source of the…

  • Pest Stop Clothes Moth Traps


    A discreet and effective pheromone trap, which specifically lures and traps clothes moths, the Clothes Moth Trap is an effective insecticide free method of keeping these pests at bay. Perfect for drawers and cupboards. Easy to assemble Lasts for up to 6weeks Pet and children safe Insecticide free and odourless

  • Pest Stop Flea & Insect Killer


    Can used to target fleas, cockroaches and other crawling insects such as dust mites It has a fast initial kill with long lasting clearout effects which for pests such as fleas, will provide eassurance to the end user Imiprothrin is one of the mosteffective knockdown agents available Cyphenothrin is a potent killing substance and also…

  • Pest Stop Fly Papers


    A traditional method of trapping flies in the home. These sticky paper strips are hung from the ceiling and trap flies on contact. Simply untwist and hang up for immediate use; Drawing pin and hanging loop provided; Simply dispose of in bin when full ;Each tube can catch up to 100 flies; Supplied in pack…

  • Pest Stop Fly Swatter


    This high-quality plastic swatter has a long handle for extra-reach, and is of a single-piece moulding so that it lasts longer. But there’s more to this product than meets the eye! Longer reach; Tweezers included in the handle, for easy disposal of deadflies/wasps etc; A series of spikes along the top of the swat are…

  • Pest Stop Little Nip Mouse Trap


    2017 marked the 120 year anniversary of the Little Nipper, which was invented in 1897, making this humble wooden trap one of the oldest surviving and most recognisable pieces of pest control technology. The Little Nipper still holds its own against moderntraps and remains the standard bearer for quick and effective trapping, meaning it remains…

  • Pest Stop Little Nipper Mouse Trap Twinpack


    The Original Little Nipper Mousetrap was first made in 1897 and its distinctive design has remained largely unchanged ever since. It’s unique treadle design makes it one of the most effective traps available. Bait is placed on the treadle, which is raisedwhen the trap is set. The mouse has to cross the treadle to reach…

  • Pest Stop Little Nipper Rat Trap Single Pack


    This wooden-based, traditional rat trap is one of the most powerful on the market due to its strong spring. The treadle bait-station is based on the Little Nipper wooden mousetrap design. Bait is placed on the treadle, which is raised when the trap isset. The rat has to touch the treadle to reach the bait,…

  • Pest Stop Mouse Pre Baited Station


    Use bait safely and discreetly • Locked, single use baited station for mouse control • Contains market leading active ingredient – difenacoum • No need to touch the rodenticide • Good option if used around children and non-target animals •Cleverly designed to appeal to the inquisitive nature of mice • Dimensions (mm): 130 (H) x…