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  • Pets Choice Carp Sticks


    Pets Choice Carp Sticks are a complete and balanced food for koi carp and ornamental fish. – Floating – encourages fish to feed at the surface. – Non-clouding will ensure pond is kept clear. – With added stabilised Vitamin C – helps disease resistance andnatural healing. – Highly digestible. COMPOSITION: Cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin,…

  • Pets Choice Multi sticks


    Pets Choice Multi sticks are a complete and balanced food for all fresh water pond fish including Koi Carp,Goldfish and other ornamental fish. – Floating. – Highly digestible. – Non-Clouding. – With stabilised Vitamin C. COMPOSITION: Cereals, derivativesof vegetable origin (wheatgerm 7%), fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, meat and animal derivatives, minerals, oils…

  • Pets Choice Pond Sticks


    Pets Choice Pond Sticks are a complete staple food for all freshwater pond fish. The pellets are floating to encourage your fish to feed at the surface of the pond, for both for your enjoyment and to prevent the build up of lost food at the bottom of thepond. – With spirulina – a highly…

  • Pets Choice Wheatgerm Sticks


    Pets Choice Wheatgerm Pellets are a complete and balanced food for all freshwater pond fish made with highly digestible wheatgerm protein. – Floating – encourages fish to feed at the surface. – Non-clouding will ensure pond is kept clear. – With addedstabilised Vitamin C – helps disease resistance and natural healing. – Highly digestible. COMPOSITION:…

  • Pettex General Pond Stick Mixed


    Pettex General Pond Mixed Sticks 10kg. Pettex General Purpose Mixed Pond Sticks – An equal blend of Natural Sticks & Orange Sticks to give your fish a healthy and comprehensive diet. Also contains Sprulina to enhance the fish’s natural colourpigments. Pettex pond foods are scientifically formulated according to advanced nutritional standards, and produced under veterinary…

  • Pettex Premium Koi Sticks


    Pettex Premium Koi Sticks 5kg Designed for the dietary requirements of Koi. Similar to pond sticks but with a higher protein level and additional Rice, Yeast and Wheatfeed for increased digestibility. Suitable for all types of pond fish and containsSpirulina for natural colour enhancement. Protein 30%, Fat Content 4%, Crude Fibres 2%, Inorganic Matter 6%….

  • Pettex Premium Pond Sticks


    Pettex Premium Pond Sticks 5kg. A quality staple diet pond stick, suitable for all types of pond fish, including Koi. Made from High Protein Soya, Whole Maize, and Fish Meal for high palatability and low fish waste levels. Protein 28%, Fat Content 4.5%,Crude Fibres 2%, Inorganic Matter 5%. Available in 5kg bags (code no. 38),…

  • Pettex Premium Variety Mix


    Pettex Premium Variety Mix 5kg. Contains a balanced mix of natural pond sticks for healthy fish, orange Koi sticks containing Spirulina for colour enhancement and pond pellets for improved growth. Suitable for all types of pond fish. Protein 30%, FatContent 4.5%, Crude Fibres 2.3%, Inorganic Matter 6%. Available in 5kg bags (code no.87), 2.5kg bags…

  • Pond Multimix


    Tetra Pond MultiMix Premium food mix for pondscontaining different sizes and types of fish. • offers a complete and varied diet to all pond fish • floating sticks for medium to large fish, for a complete, balanced diet • flakes specially formulatedfor smaller fish, to encourage healthy growth

  • Supa Mixed Pond Sticks


    Supa Mixed Sticks Pond Fish Food 6 Litre is a complete pet food for all varieties of Pond Fish (Goldfish, Koi, Orfe etc.). Made in the UK from some of the finest ingredients.

  • Tetra Pond Gold Mix


    TetraPond Gold Mix Premium food mixture specifically formulated for goldfish, consisting of flakes, sticks and freeze-dried rivershrimp. • specially formulated for goldfish, comets, and shubunkins • contains spirulina flakes to intensify colouringand promote health • hydrolised proteins for healthy growth • easily digestible carbohydrates for energy provision • river-shrimp provide extra variety • feed as…

  • Tetra Pond Koi Colour & Growth Sticks


    TetraPond Growth Sticks for Koi Growth sticks for encouraging rapid growth rates during the summer months. • high protein level, carefully balanced with energy levels and essential nutrients, for healthy, balanced growth • high digestibility forincreased nutrition and reduced waste production • feed during the summer as a complete diet, or in addition to other…