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  • Coxoid


    A well-know brand name in the British pigeon world, Harkers is the UK’s bestselling supplier of pigeon products since 1954. Distinct packaging and branding. For the treatment of Coccidiosis via drinking water. Treatment lasts for 7 days. ContainsAmprolium Hydrochloride 3.84% w/v. Available in 2 sizes: 112ml (30 birds) and 500ml (130 birds).

  • Harka-Mectin Treatment


    A well-know brand name in the British pigeon world, Harkers is the UK’s bestselling supplier of pigeon products since 1954. Distinct packaging and branding. Spot on endectocide for the treatment of worms, lice and mites in racing pigeons and cage/aviarybirds. 5ml bottle (sufficient for 50 birds). Contains lvermectin 0.35% w/v

  • Harka-Verm Wormer


    Harka-Verm Liquid: A liquid wormer for use against roundworm and hairworm. Mix 6ml Harka-Verm to 2 litres of drinking water for 3 days. 1 bottle will treat up to 90 pigeons or 180 cage birds over a 3 day period. Not to be used during moulting season, asmay cause fretmarks. Contains Levamizole. A well-know brand…

  • Harkanker


    Harkanker is a soluble powder for the treatment and prevention of canker in pigeons.To prevent a build up and spread of infection in adult birds. Harkanker Soluble should be given at the beginning and the end of the racing season. Also, if administered 3weeks prior to breeding, risk of infection being passed to the young…

  • Harkers 3 in 1


    3 in 1 tablets are a single dose treatment for coccidiosis, canker and worms in racing pigeons. First product under the small animal scheme to treat, prevent the three most common complaints in pigeons. 1 tablet per bird before breeding and after weaning.- Do not give to birds under 8 weeks of age. Treat before…

  • Harkers 3 in 1 Soluble


    Harkers 3 in 1 Soluble is for the treatment and prevention of Coccidiosis, Canker and Worms via the drinking water. Tested and approved by leading fanciers in the UK. Add 6ml of Harkers 3 in 1 Soluble to 1ltr of drinking water each day, for 7 days. 1bottle is sufficient to treat 30 birds. Only…

  • Harkers 4 in 1 Spot on


    A spot treatment for canker, cocci, worms and external parasites (lice and mites) in racing and show pigeons. Apply 0.1ml to the back of the neck using the dosing syringe included in the pack. One bottle is sufficient to treat 50 birds. ContainsDiclazuril 25mg/ml, Ronidazole 200mg/ml and lvermectin 350ug/ml.

  • Harkers 4 in 1 Tablets


    Treat and prevent coccidiosis, canker, worms and ectoparasites (lice and mites) Treat parent stock being breeding and again before racing. Do not treat birds of less than 8 weeks old. Advisable to treat every 6-8 week or at sign of infection. 25 Tabletsin a pack. Contains Diclazuril 2.5mg, Ronidazole 20.0mg and lvermectin 0.5mg.

  • Hormoform


    • Hormoform is a feed supplement which is designed to make up any mineral or vitamin deficiency in the basic diet of a racing pigeon. • A compound of high energy fats and oils, proteins, amino acids, yeast, malt extract, vitamins, minerals, traceelements all mixed on to a cereal base. • Hormoform easily fits into…

  • Johnson’s Pigeon Mite & Lice


    (For use on birds & also in coops) Natural organic diatomaceous earth powder, works by causing the insects to dehydrate.

  • Johnson’s Pigeon Tonic Gold


    Fine conditioner with iron and trace element minerals for superb health. Excellent when birds are racing, breeding, moulting.