Poultry Food

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  • Argo Baby Chick Crumbs


    Small crumble containing quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals to provide the necessary nutritional requirements of poultry chicks. Non medicated, can be fed from hatching to 4 – 6 weeks of age on an ad-lib basis. Also suitable forBantams, Quail, Game Birds, Ducks and other fancy breed chicks.

  • Argo Golden Yolk Layers Meal


    GOLDEN YOLK LAYERS MEAL – 5kg nett To be fed from point of lay (18-20 weeks) on an ad-lib basis. Will provide your chickens with the essential protein, vitamins and minerals to produce healthy tasty eggs on a regular basis. A palatable high grist mealwith added whole wheat, split maize and mixed grit. CONTAINS NO…

  • Argo Golden Yolk Layers Pellets


    Bestselling Poultry Feed – Ideal maintenance feed for all domestic poultry, chickens and ducks. Feed from point of lay on an ad-lib basis to provide essential protein, vitamins and minerals to regularly produce healthy, tasty eggs on a regular basis.With added maize and grass to produce a rich natural yolk colour

  • Argo Mixed Poultry Corn


    High quality screened mix of split maize and whole wheat. To be used as a treat to peck at. For Chickens, Bantams, Game Birds, Ducks, Guinea Fowl, Quail and Geese. A straight feeding stuff. Not a replacement for the nutritionally balanced diet of GoldenYolk Layers Pellets or Meal.

  • Argo Poultry Mix Complete


    Premium complete diet suitable for all poultry. A unique blend of layers pellets, wheat, maize, oyster shell and flaked cereals. Ideal for owners with small numbers of poultry, removing the requirement of buying and storing several feed stuffs. Containsno medication and requires no supplementation, providing all the necessary dietary requirements in convenient and tasty blend

  • Argo Split Maize


    Split Maize is suitable for all types of Poultry including Chickens, Turkeys, Geese and Ducks.

  • Argo Value Layers Pellets


    A complete compound feed for hens to be fed ad-lib. Clean fresh water must be available at all times.

  • Barking Bakery Hen Garlic Popcorn Tub


    A fun low calorie, low fat, crunchy puff of cluck cluckingly tasty garlic corn. A fun way to treat or reward your hens any time of the day. Our healthy popcorn is packaged in a re-sealable tub for extra freshness.

  • Feathers & Beaky Chicken Treat


    Feathers & Beaky Chicken treat is a little different from the traditional mixed corn. This deliciously good treat contains all the things that chickens love. Feed after your chickens have been fed their Layers Pellets to ensure they’re getting all theirnutritional requirements. Delicious treat for chickens over 16 weeks. No artificial anything. No GM ingredients….

  • Feathers & Beaky Grit


    Feathers & Beaky Free Range Chicken Grit is a premium grit for all chickens. Mixture of flint grit and limestone grit, oyster shell, cockle shell and charcoal. Enhances the palatability of food and aids digestion. Flint grits acts like teeth in the cropto help chickens grind up their food. High mineral content. Source of calcium.

  • Feathers & Beaky Layer Pellet


    Balanced healthy food for free range chickens. Made from 100% natural ingredients and packed with vitamins and minerals. Wherever possible, we source our ingredients from local farms, with no GM crops, you can be assured your chickens are eating abalanced, healthy natural food. We’ve even put all this goodness into a compostable bag to care…

  • Marriages Farmyard Layers Mash


    This feed is carefully formulated with a balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals to help ensure good health, strong egg shells and yolk colour. It is a non-GM ration, containing no chemical pigments.