Poultry accessories

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  • Plastic Feed Scoop


    High quality durable plastic feed scoop that is designed to ensure the easy transfer and pouring of mash, grain or pellets into food containers. The scoop is designed so that it can be easily gripped.

  • Supa Egg Boxes 8’s


    Supa Blue Egg Boxes 8’s are a traditional fibre egg boxes that can be re-used again and again Each egg box holds 6 eggs Single tab closing mechanism 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Supa Rubber Nest Eggs Hen


    Supa Rubber Nest Eggs can be used to encourage hens to start laying or getting them to lay in a particular area. Along the same lines if you want a chicken to go broody and get her to incubate eggs you can also start the process by placing fake eggs intothe nesting area. Alternatively if…