Poultry health

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  • Battles Poultry Red Mite Powder


    Gives lasting protection against mites and lice. Containing a new generation insect repellent this product can be applied directly onto the bird. Simply apply the powder directly from the shaker over the affected areas of the bird. Containsp-menthane-38-diol. Use in conjunction with Poultry Louse Powder.

  • Battles Poultry Spice


    A mineral supplement to give to poultry to improve all round condition and performance. The aromatic blend of highly palatable spices will encourage them to eat their ration and so help keep them strong and healthy. The high mineral content will promotegood egg shell quality. Invaluable to help birds get over the moult. Will help…

  • Johnson’s Poultry Anti-Peck Spray


    For birds. Effective aid to prevent feather plucking and self harm.

  • Johnson’s Poultry Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner


    For birds. Apple Cider Vinegar. A traditional natural remedy to help maintain good health, condition and good egg laying. Also a traditional deterrent to worms

  • Johnson’s Poultry Corn ‘N’ Grit Treat


    Healthy treat to aid digestion

  • Johnson’s Poultry Mite & Lice Powder


    For use on birds and also in coops. Natural organic diatomaceous earth powder, works by causing the insects to dehydrate. Safe to be used on laying chickens.

  • Johnson’s Poultry Tonic


    For the birds. A multi-vitamin and mineral conditioning liquid to aid good health and vitality.

  • Nutrimin Cider Vinegar


    A totally natural, organic, antibacterial, anti-coccidial anthelmintic and tonic which has beneficial effects for all livestock and poultry. Increases egg supply, improves feathering and improves the flavour and tenderness of meat birds.

  • Phytopet Chicken Boost


    General tonic for poultry and other birds. Give daily to help maintain general well-being Helps your birds get over moult. Add to drinking water.

  • Phytopet Chicken Squits


    Herbal support for loose poo’s Easy to administer, add to water or mash. Helps your girls get over the squits. A combination of herbs traditionally for diarrhoea. Contains: Shepherds Purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris): A traditional remedy for urinarytract and bowel disorders, its antiseptic, diuretic and astringent properties makes Shepherds Purse a must in any incontinence and…

  • Phytopet Chicken Worm


    To help keep birds clear of intestinal parasites. This is a natural herbal combination with no nasty pharmaceutical chemicals. Due to the natural nature of this product, withdrawal of eggs is not required. Safe for eating birds, no lay off required. 5-7drops per bird per day average dose. 20 drops into 100ml of water will…

  • Poultry Zest


    From the manufacturer: -Poultry Zest is specially recommended for improving all round condition and performance. -Poultry Zest acts as a nutritional supplement that helps your birds to recover quickly after moulting. -Invaluable for rearing poultry,ducks, geese, turkeys, game birds and pigeons. -Poultry Zest is a natural formulation of spices and minerals enriched with Tumeric, Ginger…