P&P feeders

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  • Ringwood Poultry Feeder


    The Ringwood feeder is a 2.5kg feeder that is suitable for keepers who have a small flock. The feeder has integral fins that will reduce the waste where birds have a tendency to flick food when eating. The feeder comes complete with legs that raise thefeeder by 7.5cm off the ground, helping to prevent feed…

  • Supa Anti Perch Chick Trough Feeder


    Supa Anti-Perching Chick Trough Feeder is suitable for young birds, poults and pullets. The feeder is 30cm long with a height of 8.5cm with a width of 11cm. The trough feeder has anti perching bar on top that prevents the birds from perching and foulingtheir feed. The feeder can hold wheat, pellets, mash or grit….

  • Supa Cage Cup


    Cage Cups ~ Available in a variety of colours and are ideally suited to a wide range of purposes. Ideal for use in show cages, carry cages or hung inside a run for feeding treats. Can be used for both food and water.

  • Supa Poultry & Aviary Bird Feeder


    Durable Plastic Poultry Feeder with Twistlock Base fitting, Anti Scrape ring, hanging handle 3Kg. Also suitable for other avian species. Manufactured in the UK.

  • Supa Poultry Trough Feeder


    Supa Narrow Chick Trough Feeder is a 50cm long moulded plastic with grid feeding trough.