Reptile health

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  • Beaphar Insect Spray for Reptiles


    Beaphar Insect Spray is an approved veterinary medicine which is effective against a wide range of lice and mites, including snake mites, red mites and subcutaneous species. Symptoms of mite infection are listlessness and decreased activity, a dullappearance and crusting of the scales. Beaphar Insect Spray is suitable for reptiles and amphibians weighing over 80g….

  • Exo Terra Aquatize


    The chemical treatment of tap water, which makes it suitable for human consumption, leaves toxic residues of chlorine and chloramine in the water. Minute traces of toxic metals also make tap water unsafe to reptiles and amphibians. Always treat tap waterwith Aquatize terrarium water conditioner. Aquatize contains plant extracts to stimulate natural slime coat development…

  • Exo Terra Calcium & D3 Powder


    Powder Supplement * Contains the essential elements for proper calcium metabolism. * Phosphorus Free. * Ultra Fine Powder. * For Reptiles. Exo Terra Calcium +D3 Powder Supplement contains high levels of phosphorus-free calcium as well as balanced amountsof Vitamin D3 for optimal calcium absorption and to help ensure long term health.

  • Exo Terra Calcium Powder


    Calcium deficiency is a major dietary problem in captive reptiles and amphibians. Exo Terra Calcium Powder Supplement contains high levels of calcium to help ensure long-term health. Contains the essential elements for proper metabolism: – Low phosphorous- Ultra fine powder – For reptiles and amphibians