CHINCHILLA&DEGU FOOD Chinchilla & degu food

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  • Argo Chinchilla Pellets


    A complementary compound feed for chinchillas to be fed with roughage and fresh clean water. This is a specifically formulated pellet which will provide all the vitamins and minerals your chinchilla requires.

  • Beaphar Care+ Chinchilla


    A highly palatable, well balanced super premium food that has been developed in collaboration with veterinary surgeons, dieticians, and leading chinchilla experts. Originally found in the high mountains of the Andes, chinchillas need a very special dietto mimic the tree bark, seeds and vegetation that they would usually feed upon. Care+ is extremely popular with…

  • Beaphar Care+ Degu


    Beaphar Care+ Degu is an extremely palatable, complete premium food which has been developed alongside vets and nutritionists. The pellets have a high fibre content of 20%, which is essential for good digestion, and are low in fat. The Beaphar Care+ rangeuses an extruded all-in-one formulation to ensure each food pellet contains the same composition…

  • Burgess Excel Chinchilla Nuggets


    Burgess Excel Chinchilla Nuggets is a complementary pet food.

  • Chinchilla Pellets


    Chinchilla pellets contain wheatfeed, oatfeed, extracted sunflower, grassmeal, peas, barley, soya & essential vitamins and minerals. Supplement diet with clean fresh hay.

  • Mr Johnson’s Supreme Chinchilla & Degu Pellet


    High fibre, low fat mono component pellets for chinchillas & degus – with verm-x herb blend for intestinal health.

  • Selective Chinchilla Food


    Science Selective Chinchilla 1.5kg A nutritionally complete and balanced diet for chinchillas. High Fibre – 19% Promotes dental wear All our fibre is 100% beneficial Prevents selective feeding Promotes growth of beneficial bacteria within the digestivesystem Contains linseed, a great source of Omega 3&6 promoting healthy skin & coat Highly palatable Zero added sugar or…

  • Selective Degu Food


    Science Selective Degu A unique baked diet, formulated to meet the special nutritional requirements of degus. Prevents selective feeding Unique baked recipe High quality, nutritionally balanced food Added vitamin C-500mg/kg Zero added sugar or artificialcolourants Highly palatable with added broccoli & basil COMPOSITION Timothy hay, wheat, soya hulls, flaked peas, soybean meal, barley, linseed, calcium…

  • Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Charlie Chinchilla Tasty Mix


    A balanced diet suitable for chinchillas of all ages • Zero added sugar • High in fibre • Enhances digestive health • Encourages natural foraging behaviour • Promotes dental wear • Rich in natural ingredients • Made with only the finest rawmaterials • High palatable Ingredients Wheat, timothy hay, alfalfa meal, flaked peas, soya bean…

  • Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Charlie’s CHinchilla Tasty Mix


    A complete food suitable for Chinchillas of all ages. • A nutritionally complete and balanced diet • High in fibre • Enhances digestive health • Encourages natural foraging behaviour • Promotes dental wear • High palatable • No added sugarComposition Wheat, timothy hay, alfalfa meal, flaked peas, soya bean hulls, flaked maize, soya bean meal,…

  • Vitakraft Degus Food


    Degus Menu contains a healthy proportion of raw fibre ensuring a longer chewing time, helping a degus with necessary abrasion of rodent teeth. The addition of crude fibre also aids digestion and ensures a healthy metabolism. With plenty of essentialvitamins and minerals it help sot prevent deficiency symptoms and provides an extra boost of vitality….