Hamster & Gerbil

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  • Bestpets Hamster Food


    A complementary food mix helps maintain your hamster’s health and fitness providing a good source of protein, fibre, oil, vitamins and minerals. Composition: Concentrated pellets, flaked peas, wheat, extruded biscuit, flaked beans, whole maize, wholeoats, flaked maize, locust beans, peanuts, striped sunflower, soya oil.

  • Burgess Hamster & Gerbil


    Burgess Hamster, Gerbil & Mouse is a tasty, complete food suitable for all hamsters, gerbils and mice. These balanced nuggets prevent selective feeding and are designed to be the right size for small mouths. Each tasty nugget contains: – A blend ofwholegrain cereals for slow release energy – Linseed to help support a healthy skin…

  • Mr Johnson’s Advance Hamster & Gerbil


    Advance HAMSTER & GERBIL FOOD is a unique and wholesome nugget that’s full of tasty nutritious ingredients to ensure that your pet gets a well-balanced diet with every bite, thus preventing selective feeding. Advance HAMSTER & GERBIL FOOD has beenformulated to support the health of your pet which contains essential ingredients and supplements, which bring…

  • Mr Johnson’s Supreme Hamster & Gerbil Mix


    A nutritious food for hamster & gerbils, a blend of cereals & pulses – with sunflowers, banana, carrots, peanuts, mealworms, verm-x herb blend & fruity essence for aroma.

  • Selective Gerbil


    Like rats, mice and hamsters, gerbils are omnivores, but these bright little pets have specific nutritional requirements. Gerbils have lower protein requirements than hamsters and higher protein requirements than rats and mice.Selective Complete GerbilFood is formulated with 17% protein and balanced calcium:phosphorus so you can be sure you are providing your gerbils with the finest…

  • Supreme Selective Hamster


    Science Selective Hamster Oats & BarleyA unique baked diet, formulated specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of hamsters.Unique baked mono-component recipe Nutritionally complete & balanced food With linseed – an excellent source of Omega 3High cereal content with whole grain goodness No added sugar No artificial colourantsSupreme®science Selective Hamster is a unique baked diet, formulated…

  • Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Gerri Gerbil Tasty Mix


    Nutritionally balanced food suitable for Gerbils of all ages • A nutritionally balanced diet • Enhances digestive health • Encourages natural foraging behaviour • Promotes dental wear • High palatable • No added sugar Ingredients Wheat, soyabean meal, flaked maize, torrified wheat, whole oats, whole maize, flaked soya beans, flaked peas, alfalfa meal, pumpkin seeds,…

  • Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Harry Hamster Tasty Mix


    • Zero added sugar • Nutritionally balanced diet suitable for Hamsters of all ages • Enhances digestive health • Encourages natural foraging behaviour • Promotes dental wear • Rich in natural ingredients • Made with only the finest rawmaterials • High palatable Ingredients Wheat, torrified wheat, flaked peas, soya bean meal, whole maize, flaked maize,…

  • Twitch Small Rodent


    A specially formulated nutritious complementary food suitable for all small rodents. Free from any artificial colours and flavours and packed full of peanuts and sunflower seeds. Like all Wagg small animal foods, Wagg Hamster, Gerbil Munch is virtuallydust free to reduce wastage and ensure customer satisfaction.