Small animal cleaning cage

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  • Beaphar Cage Fresh Granules


    Cage Fresh Granules contain friendly microbes that neutralise the odours in urine that cause that characteristically unpleasant hutch and cage smell. For best results, simply sprinkle under the bedding in a freshly cleaned hutch or cage.

  • Beaphar Hutch & Cage Cleaner


    Beaphar Hutch & Cage Cleaner effectively cleans your pet cages and hutches. The cleaning action removes dirt and soiling, helping to combat germs which can cause disease and infection. Beaphar Hutch & Cage Cleaner will leave your pet’s home clean andsmelling fresh.

  • Bob Martin My Little Friend Cage Disinfectant


    Safe and easy to use, My Little Friend Cage Disinfectant is perfect for cleaning your small animal’s home and accessories. This mild but effective disinfectant kills germs, viruses and bacteria and should be used regularly to keep cages, hutches andfeeding equipment clean and hygienic. It is also safe for use as directed on surfaces in…

  • Cascade Cleaning Disinfectant for Small Animals


    Bactericidal cleaning disinfectant for small animals’ bedding, bowls, hutches, carpets, cages etc. Kills viruses and bacteria. Made in England.

  • Johnson’s Cage & Hutch Spray


    Contains Permethrin – plus a long lasting Growth Regulator (IGR). Kills fleas, mites & lice in pet housing & pet quarters e.g. cages, hutches, baskets, kennels etc in & around the home. Not for use on animals.

  • Johnson’s Clean ‘N’ Safe Small Animal


    Disinfectant, Cleaner and Deodorant. Kills bacteria and viruses in areas where pets live, sleep and feed – hutches, cages, pet bedding, drinkers etc. Suitable for Small Animals

  • Simple Solution Cage & Hutch Cleaner


    A naturally based, completely pet safe product. Using clove leaf, peppermint and eucalyptus as a natural antibacterial cleaner. Leaves the cage or hutch smelling fresh and clean and can help prevent lime scale build up when used regularly.

  • Simple Solution Cage Fresh Granules


    Enzymatic formula eliminates small animal odours between cleanings. Natural based powdered formula with a hint of spring breeze fragrance. Contains natural pet-friendly Pro-Bacteria, Long lasting odour neutralising technology. Maintains a fresh andpleasant environment for you and your pets