Small animal litter

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  • Chinchilla Dust


    Made from fine particles of natural sepiolite, chinchilla dust is specifically designed to cover and treat hair effectively, absorbing water and grease to keep the skin dry, healthy and free from impurities. The simplest way to clean, condition andrevitalise chinchilla fur.

  • Clean ‘N’ Tidy Potty Litt’a’


    The freshest way to toilet train your hamster or gerbil. 100% natural Easy to use Smells fresh Moisture absorbant Totally safe and hygienic Net Weight – 470g

  • Pettex Chinchilla Dust


    Pettex Chinchilla Dusting Powder is produced using a highly absorbent natural sepiolite mineral. It is an essential that you provide your Chinchilla with a daily dust bath to maintain a healthy coat and remove old or dead fur which could cause your petirritation.

  • Super Pet Critter Litter


    Designed to take advantage of a small animal’s natural instinct to urinate in one specific area. Use inside any tubular unit, wire cage, aquarium or pet’s home. Natural Critter Litter is the only litter specially formulated to be safe for smallanimals. Super absorbent and 99% dust free – made from non-toxic natural minerals

  • Tiny Friends Farm Science Bathing Sand


    Supreme Science Bathing Sand • 100% natural sand • Dust free • Suitable for chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and degus • Free of bacteria • Naturally absorbent • For maintaining ideal coat condition of show chinchillas Tested for perfectgrain size and density, this bacterially clean sand ensures a dust free environment for chinchillas, hamsters, gerbils and…