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  • Bestpets 50/50 Budgie


    With millet and canary seed a simple selection of high quality seed complementary diets of budgerigars. This simple mix is a good source of energy from complex carbohydrates and protein. Composition: Millet and canary seed

  • Bestpets Cockatiel & Parakeet Exotic Bird Mix


    This is a specially selected mix of small seeds for exotic birds like cockatiels and parakeets that contributes towards a balanced and healthy diet providing a good source of energy, protein, fibre and oil from the variety of ingredients and the highsunflower seed content. Composition: Millet, Sunflower Seed, Wheat, Canary seed, Red Millet, Safflorseed, Oats,…

  • Bestpets Foreign Finch


    A blend of specially selected high quality seeds to maintain a healthy complementary food suitable for most finches. The high level of carbohydrate is good for energy with added benefits of oil, protein and fibre from the seeds. Composition: Millet,Panicum Millet, Canary seed, Niger seed

  • Bestpets Fruity Rabbit


    It is a complementary food mix with added fruit and a selection of high quality ingredients to contribute to a rabbit’s healthy diet providing the essential fibre, protein, oil and vitamin source. Composition: Flaked peas, concentrated pellets, wheatextrusions, whole maize, dried grass nuts, flaked beans, locust beans, dried banana

  • Bestpets Guinea Pig Food


    A complementary food specially formulated to provide a diet that’s full of essential nutrition. Balanced and healthy diet for guinea pigs of fibre, protein, oil, vitamins and minerals. Composition: concentrated pellets, wheat extrusions, flaked peas,flaked beans, whole oats, flaked maize, locust beans, sunflower seeds.

  • Bestpets Hamster Food


    A complementary food mix helps maintain your hamster’s health and fitness providing a good source of protein, fibre, oil, vitamins and minerals. Composition: Concentrated pellets, flaked peas, wheat, extruded biscuit, flaked beans, whole maize, wholeoats, flaked maize, locust beans, peanuts, striped sunflower, soya oil.

  • Bestpets High Performance Pigeon Mix


    This high performance food is specially formulated for performance pigeons. It contains high levels of carbohydrate and protein to provide good energy. It is so good that your pigeon will keep coming home for more time after time! Contains: Wheat, maize,Tic Beans, Blue Peas, Maple Peas and Tares

  • Bestpets Luxury Wildbird


    A no added wheat blend formulated to attract a wide variety of small birds to gardens. Composition: white millet, red millet, cut maize, sunflower hearts, pinhead oatmeal, canary seed, black sunflower seed, striped sunflower seeds, naked oats, kibbledpeanuts, safflower seed, soya oil.

  • Bestpets Mixed Canary


    This formulation contains a special selection of high quality small seeds to provide the bird a complementary balanced diet providing a good source of protein, fibre and oil. Composition: Canary seed, Black Rape seed, Linseed, Hemp seed and Yellow Biscuit

  • Bestpets Premium Wild Bird


    Bird food with small exotic seeds is a general wild bird food mixture with high sunflower seed content. A good source of complex carbohydrates and oils for an energy packed mix. The smaller seeds make the product more attractive to a broader range ofspecies. Composition: Wheat, Kibbled Maize, Naked Oats, white Millet, Black Sunflower, Red…

  • Bestpets Rabbit Food


    This mix is a palatable complementary diet plan to help maintain the rabbit’s health and fitness by contributing some vitamins, minerals and composite nutrients including protein and fibre. Composition: Concentrated pellet, whole wheat, flaked peas,wheat extrusions, flaked maize, dried grass nuts, locust beans.

  • Bestpets Robin & Songbird


    Bird food formulated for songbirds; Chopped, premium ingredients to attract a variety of smaller birds. Bestpets robin and songbird food is an attractive and palatable mix with premium ingredients to attract many species including robins, wrens andblackbirds. Composition: Pinhead Oatmeal, Kibbled Maize, Red Millet, Sunflower Hearts, Kibbled Peanuts and Mealworms