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  • Phytopet Calm


    Our famous Calm. A blend of herbs traditionally used for their calming properties, useful at times of stress and anxiety. Great for Fireworks, Parties and any other stressful situation. Starts working within 20mins. Contains Valerian and other calmingherbs.

  • Phytopet Calm Xtra


    Our famous Calm but with Xtra herbs for a stronger effect. Good for hyperactivity and sleep problems. Starts working within 20 mins.

  • Phytopet Chicken Boost


    General tonic for poultry and other birds. Give daily to help maintain general well-being Helps your birds get over moult. Add to drinking water.

  • Phytopet Chicken Squits


    Herbal support for loose poo’s Easy to administer, add to water or mash. Helps your girls get over the squits. A combination of herbs traditionally for diarrhoea. Contains: Shepherds Purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris): A traditional remedy for urinarytract and bowel disorders, its antiseptic, diuretic and astringent properties makes Shepherds Purse a must in any incontinence and…

  • Phytopet Chicken Worm


    To help keep birds clear of intestinal parasites. This is a natural herbal combination with no nasty pharmaceutical chemicals. Due to the natural nature of this product, withdrawal of eggs is not required. Safe for eating birds, no lay off required. 5-7drops per bird per day average dose. 20 drops into 100ml of water will…

  • Phytopet Ear Drops


    A combination of herbs and oils shown to help infestation, infection and excessive ear wax.

  • Phytopet Eye Wash


    A combination of herbs traditionally used for all types of eye infections: Conjunctivitis, Blephoritis, Styes, Tired Eyes / Eye Strain, etc. Suggested use: Add drops to boiled cooled water. Add a pinch of salt. Bathe eye liberally. Discard pad used tobathe eye immediately after use. Do not use same pad for both eyes as this…

  • Phytopet Glucosamine


    Glucosamine for joint repair & support. Use for: Arthritis, tendon / ligament damage, any connective tissue damage, will aid skin repair. Glucosamine sulphate is an amino sugar formed from glucose and the amino acid glutamine. Normally made by thedigestive process, Glucosamine Sulphate is fundamental in all connective tissue manufacture. Connective tissue or collagen is rich…

  • Phytopet Immune


    A combination of herbs shown to have immune system enhancing and direct anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antifungal properties. Contains herbs that have been well researched and are well known for their immune supportive actions, including Echinacea andElderberry.

  • Phytopet K-9 Sure Daily


    Phytopet K-9 Sure Super Green Food A nutritional supplement containing a pure blend of herbs formulated to support your dog’s essential needs. Providing support for optimum health, vitality and well-being. Suitable for all feeding regimes, either as atop up for a dog being fed on a complete food, or as an essential supplement to a…

  • Phytopet Pet-Col


    A synergistic mix of our pro/pre-biotic concentrate with soluble psyllium fibre. Use for constipation (mix with a small amount of water), diarrhoea, explosive poo’s, anal gland problems, irritable bowel, colitis . Adds more fibre to the diet whilesupporting nutritional uptake from food. Good daily sprinkle for all dogs lacking fibre in their diet.

  • Phytopet Pro-biotic


    PHYTOPET PRE/PR0 BIOTIC SUPPLEMENT Phytopet’s Pre/Pro Biotic Supplement is a synergistic blend of Chicory Inulin prebiotic, and Sc1 – 1077 Live Yeast Probiotic. Its primary function is to deliver or help assure complete and efficient digestion,maximising nutrient uptake for the benefit of the animal. MODE OF ACTION CHICORY INULIN: This purpose grown, organic chicory root…