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Summary Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Ready to Use Feeder is filled with Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Mix. It has been formulated to attract a wide variety of garden birds. • Ready to use • Pre-filled with Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Mix •Re-fillable Product Details Why Use 1.High Quality Seeds and Suet Our Extra Goodness Crumble Mix is packed with high-energy seeds and suet to help bring more birds to the garden. 2. Unique Crumble Texture This seed mix is infused with high-energy beeftallow and peanut flour creating a great crumble texture; we have also added small suet chunks to the recipe for that extra boost of energy. The small seeds and crumbly texture makes this a tasty treat for all small birds to feed on. 3. Calvita® VitaminMix Enriched with our unique blend of vitamins and nutrients that garden birds need to stay healthy. Calvita includes… o CAROTENOIDS – Develops feather colour and protects from sunlight damage o CALCIUM – Promotes bone & feather growth and essentialfor egg production o VITAMINS A,D,E & BIOTIN – Strengthens beaks & bones and helps growth & reproduction Ingredients: o Kibbled Wheat o Naked Oats o Peanut Flour o Wheat Flour o Beef Tallow o Suet Pellets o Yellow Millet o Red Dari o Kibbled Beans oBlack Rapeseed o Red Millet o Linseed o Oyster Shell Grit o Nyjer Seed o Ground Mealworms What to Expect Peckish Extra Goodness Crumble Mix will attract the following birds: o Dunnock o Robin o House Sparrow o Long Tailed Tit o Goldfinch o Bullfinch o